Friday, June 28, 2019

Scratch Assay Starter Kit: Simplifying and Streamlining the Wound Healing Assay

Cell migration is a fundamental biological process important for normal tissue development and pathological processes such as wound healing, tissue repair, and cancer metastasis. Migrating cells undergo coordinated changes in shape and size via carefully orchestrated polymerization and depolymerization of cytoskeletal components. This dramatic rearrangement of cellular components generates motile force and establishes directionality to move the cell along toward its destination. With so many moving parts and biochemical pathways involved, keeping track of the details quickly becomes overwhelming. To model cell migration in vitro, scientists use the well-known scratch assay to measure, probe, and characterize this phenomenon in pursuit of medical research and drug discovery. At first glance the scratch assay is simple; a confluent cell monolayer is physically scraped to leave a gap or wound that the remaining cells can migrate into and “heal”. Look closer though and it is easy to quickly get lost in the details. Whether it is generating uniform and consistent scratches, acquiring high-quality time lapse images, or processing and analyzing images in a robust and objective way, there are many opportunities to introduce variability and prevent accurate quantification.

That’s where BioTek’s Scratch Assay Starter Kit comes in. Consisting of the AutoScratch Wound Making Tool, the Scratch Assay App software, and the necessary cleaning reagents, this kit provides a simple workflow to automate and analyze your scratch assay experiments. At the push of a button, the AutoScratch generates consistent, 800 micron wide scratches in 24-well or 96-well microplates. After scratching, move your plate to a BioTek imager and use the Scratch Assay App to automatically acquire time lapse images of each of your scratches and apply an optimized image analysis. Wound closure rates are tracked and graphed automatically; the healing process is easily visualized with time lapse movies. The Scratch Assay Starter Kit streamlines and automates your assays to increase throughput and ensure reproducibility and accuracy. This lets you focus on the complex biology of cell migration without getting bogged down by data collection and analysis.

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A fully automated solution for conducting cell migration assays using the AutoScratch Wound Making Tool
Presenter: Joe Clayton, PhD., Principal Scientist

By: BioTek Instruments, Michael Sfregola, Product Specialist, Imaging

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