Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Trading In…or Trading Up?

At home, we’ve been considering trading in our well-loved, well-used, well-running, but old (and lacking up to date technology) vehicle for something newer, easier to operate and with as much of the latest technology as possible within our budget. It’s a tough decision, especially since it still works!

But, we’ll soon find out what the trade-in value is, and probably apply the trade-in value toward a new(er) car, but with improved functionality and useful features to meet our needs.

Many BioTek customers are facing a similar decision today…whether to keep using their old, but still working ELx405™ in the laboratory, or to make the important choice to trade it in toward the purchase of BioTek’s latest technology in microplate washing, the 405™ TS. To make this choice easier, we’re offering ELx405 customers nearly 25% off the purchase of a new 405 TS when they trade in their well-loved, well-used, old, but still working (or not!) ELx405!

405 TS Washer
The 405 TS has many of the same features as the beloved ELx405, but has been updated to meet today’s demanding plate washing workflows, with great benefits including an easy-to-use (even with gloves!) large color touchscreen with intuitive onboard software, patented Ultrasonic Advantage™ for automated manifold cleaning, automated 4-buffer switching and so much more.

Maybe it is time to take advantage of a trade-in offer, and trade up to the 405 TS.

Learn more about this exciting trade-in offer here.

By: BioTek Instruments, Lenore Buehrer, Senior Product Marketing Manager

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