Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Why so Difficult?

How often have you struggled with a microwave oven you were not familiar with? Maybe at a friend’s place, or at work… Isn’t it amazing how simple tasks become difficult when the interface is not intuitive?

Two weeks ago, I was parking downtown to go to a restaurant with some work guests. We walked to the parking meter and I felt like I was taking an IQ test with three people looking over my shoulder as I was trying to figure out how to pay for parking – I ended up paying until 2 AM by accident! Once, while visiting Amsterdam, I came back to my car blocked with a parking boot after struggling with the parking meter for 10 minutes – talk about a frustrating user experience!

Simple tasks should be easy to accomplish. In the life science world, using a microplate reader should be as simple as walking to the device with your microplate, loading it, starting the read process, getting your data, and done, end-off! Unfortunately, multi-mode microplate readers today are so versatile that simplicity can get lost. Each development iteration adds more hardware features, more software functionality, to a point where running bread and butter assays such as total protein quantification, nucleic acid quantification or ELISA requires taking a number of unnecessary, sometimes complicated steps.
Synergy™ LX Multi-Mode Reader

This is why BioTek developed, the just-launched, Synergy™ LX Multi-Mode Reader. Synergy LX is designed for all the typical microplate-based assays, without the complexity often found in multi-mode plate readers. With absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence detection, a large touch screen, simple interface and USB thumb drive, Synergy LX is the “touch and go” solution for simple multi-detection. And best of all, with Synergy LX, simplicity means budget-friendly!

Don’t struggle with an overly complicated microplate reader.

To learn more on Synergy LX, visit: https://www.biotek.com/synergylx.

By: BioTek Instruments, Xavier Amouretti, Manager, Product Marketing

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