Thursday, May 24, 2018

A Reflection on the Last 50 Years

My father, Norman Alpert, fought in the Philippines during WWII. There he contracted hepatitis, barely surviving the nearly three years of hospitalization that followed. Later he studied to become a scientist, acquiring a PhD in Physiology from Columbia, and then became a world-renowned expert in heart disease. In his spare time, he started a small life science company, BioTek Instruments, that later blossomed into a multi million-dollar global enterprise; all the while raising three kids with his loving wife Laurel, and residing in what was at that time the rural outskirts of Chittenden County, Vermont.

Dad was also a romantic in the sense that he viewed science and technology as a vehicle to achieve a more renaissance appreciation of the world we live in. For Dad, the pursuit of knowledge/truth, that was paramount. The process as opposed to the end-result was his focus.

Dad used to say “Onward and upward”, an insight that has influenced my own enthusiasm for attempting hard things. Ever the optimist, he was propelled to move forward and do better.

BioTek's success and 50th year celebration derives from my father’s many direct contributions to the business, but it also is a reflection of his leadership; the ability to cultivate a nurturing culture, one where identifying and realizing individual potential is paramount. Despite the many challenging moments during the company's 50 year history, Dad's ability to foster vision, confidence, and a genuine team spirit while inspiring all to be more creative, thoughtful, caring, and just generally better at what they do is what made BioTek the great company it is today.

Norman Alpert was not just a survivor, loving husband, father of three kids, and founder of a great company, but he was also a truly outstanding role model; a man who demonstrated aspirational leadership throughout his lifetime. We should all wish to have someone so well poised alongside.

By: BioTek Instruments, Adam Alpert, Vice President

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