Friday, April 27, 2018


Say what?

The title word of this blog is ‘annotation’, and the cryptic phonetic spelling was chosen as a means of defining the word itself. In this case, the title benefits from “a note of explanation or comment added”. Most people, for example, appreciate annotation when viewing modern art, as the art tends not to be a literal translation of the message the artist is intending to convey. Scientific images often fall into this category as well. Even an expert in the field may not immediately recognize what a microscopic image represents, or more importantly, what is significant about it.

Annotation tools available in BioTek Gen5 Image Analysis Software were designed to resolve this problem. Shapes, arrows, text, and line measurements can be overlaid onto a microscopy image by simply clicking an icon. Features include the ability to cut, paste, duplicate, or move annotation forward or backward on an image, increasing the customization of the final presentation. The annotations can then be saved with the image for publication or reporting purposes. The application of some of these tools is shown below on an image of cytomegalovirus permissive human fibroblast cells stained using Direct Immunofluorescence Assay (DFA) to immediate early antigen. The image was captured using a BioTek Lionheart FX Automated Imager.

Intranuclear viral inclusion

By: BioTek Instruments, Wendy Goodrich, Applications Scientist

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