Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A New Integrated Metabolic Analysis and Imaging Platform

The theme at this year’s American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting (April 14-18) in Chicago is “Driving Innovative Cancer Science to Patient Care”. At the meeting, Agilent Technologies and BioTek Instruments will launch a new integrated solution combining the two companies’ cellular metabolic analysis and imaging technologies.

Agilent’s Seahorse XFe Analyzers simultaneously measure the two major cellular energy-producing pathways, mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis in live cells and in real time. These measurements help scientists better understand the connection between cellular physiological processes and genomic and proteomic data applicable in a variety of applications including cancer research. Cancer cells reprogram their metabolism in order to generate the energy and building blocks they need to proliferate. XF technology provides a window into the Warburg effect, fuel usage and other events that drive tumor cell biology.

For years, Agilent customers have requested an optimized method for verifying assay results and enabling more meaningful data comparisons. BioTek’s Cytation 1 is a cell imaging multi-mode reader offering high contrast brightfield and fluorescence microscopy with up to 60x magnification. When a Cytation is integrated together with an Agilent Seahorse XF Analyzer, the combined platform enables cell biology researchers to fully normalize and analyze samples to answer challenging questions regarding cellular metabolism. Applying a cell count based normalization value makes interpreting XF data and finding relationships amongst the data easier. The integrated solution provides the ability to compare XF data on a well-to-well, plate-to-plate and experiment-to-experiment basis. The ability to incorporate high-quality imagery within Agilent’s Seahorse XF WAVE software adds another dimension to the data. Now researchers can toggle between XF data, brightfield images and fluorescence images in a unified software experience. Referencing images while analyzing XF data provides evidence and guidance on how to limit variability and improve the reproducibility of their XF assays.

The Agilent BioTek collaboration brings to cellular analysis a standardized approach for comparing Seahorse XF data sets and improving assay workflow. For information on the XF Imaging and Normalization System visit www.agilent.com/en/products/cell-analysis/seahorse-xf-imaging-normalization-solution. For information on Cytation 1 Imagers visit www.biotek.com/cytation1.

By: BioTek Instruments, Jason Greene, Senior Product Marketing Manager

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