Monday, January 26, 2015

Calling All Cooks!

Yes, you - the scientist reading this article. You see, I liken an experiment to a recipe. You have a list of materials needed and then you have your instructions, detailing how much and when to add a particular component. There might even be some cooking time (a.k.a incubation) at the end of which you get your final product. Of course, then comes the "taste test" or analysis. Did you add too much of this, too little of that... it might even take a few tries for optimization. Remember, you've got to satisfy the critics!

Just like in cooking, a scientist benefits from having the right tools. On television, a popular cooking competition show sabotages the cooks' efforts by substituting necessary kitchen tools like knives, bowls and pans with "unconventional" utensils. Hopefully, you don't have to deal with this kind of subversion, but it does make you realize how the right tools make tasks easier and cleaner.

Scene from BioTek’s Holiday 2014 video : The right tools make tasks easier and cleaner, but we can have fun once in a while, right?

Why do something manually when you can automate it and spend your time doing something else? For example, in cooking you can hand-whip cream or set your electronic mixer to do it while you slice some strawberries. In a lab, automating a task can have multiple benefits such as time, money and reproducibility. Yes, it may get done either way but is it efficient? For advice on automating your lab, check out this article from Lab Manager, with contributions from BioTek's own Jason Greene.

Cooks' and scientists' tools have to be dependable. At BioTek, we take pride in every step of the process -  from research and development to manufacturing, all of which is done in the United States. If you’re a cooking aficionado, you know which brands to buy. But whether you’re a new or seasoned scientist, you should know to contact BioTek Instruments first.

BioTek Instruments: Proudly made in Vermont, USA

By: BioTek Instruments, Ellaine Abueg Ph.D., Product Manager, Specialist

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