Monday, December 15, 2014

Washer Performance Applications Guide

Microplates are the laboratory sample vessel of choice when performing an array of assay types where many samples need to be analyzed or statistical data is required. Regardless of the type or density of microplate used, every assay will require several discrete additions, including both sample and reagents. The removal from and addition of reagent to the wells quickly becomes tedious and error-prone, especially at higher plate densities, if performed manually with hand-held pipettors. Microplate washers were developed to automate many of these steps to overcome these bottlenecks.

BioTek instruments has a rich history in developing microplate washers spanning over thirty years since our first microplate washer, EL402, was designed and manufactured for ELISA assays in 1981. Since that time, BioTek has incorporated multiple technologies into our current microplate washer product line designed to increase microplate processing throughput and improve assay precision relative to manual washing. Over the past several decades BioTek has seen microplate based assays expand to include nearly every field of research. BioTek recently made available an Application Guide detailing tips and tricks to aid in optimizing washer performance for some of the more common applications. You can download the complete version here.

washer performance

By: BioTek Instruments, Peter J. Brescia Jr., MSc, MBA

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