Friday, December 5, 2014

Society for Neuroscience

At the recent Society for Neuroscience annual meeting, where BioTek participated in the exhibition, I took a couple of opportunities to walk the aisles, taking in the staggering array of a products, services and research related to neuroscience. Neuroscience is, of course, the study of the nervous system, with many specialized subfields. But what isn't so obvious (at least not to me) is the enormous collective "brain power" of the scientists devoted to neuroscience, and how many highly technical instruments, devices and software products are available to aid in the advancement of the neuroscientists' research. There were more than 25,000 scientific attendees from around the world at this conference – and at times it appeared all 25,000+ were huddled in the poster sessions, each mind trying to absorb as much information as possible in the short 4 day schedule. It's clear that these scientists, with their devotion to the study of neuroscience, will continue to understand the human brain and entire nervous system, continuing to find therapies for neurological disorders and diseases like ALS and Parkinson's (and so many more). 

On a local perspective, we were interested to hear about a program for young scientists, when a representative from the Vermont Brain Bee organization stopped to talk with us. The Brain Bee is a competition for high school age students interested in sharing their knowledge of neuroscience. Winners from the state-level Brain Bee competitions go on to compete in the National Brain Bee and then the International Brain Bee. Best wishes to all future neuroscientists as they compete in the Vermont Brain Bee in 2015!

BioTek Booth at Society for Neuroscience
BioTek Booth

By: BioTek Instruments, Lenore Buehrer, Senior Product Marketing Manager

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