Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ASCB Show Highlights

Scientifically-speaking (no pun intended with the name of this blog!), we are on the cusp of some amazing breakthroughs in the field of Cell Biology. Over the last decade, cell-based research applications have been growing at a blistering pace, with several sub-application areas leading that charge.  At the ASCB show in Philadelphia last week, this trend was quite evident when walking the Exhibit Hall. The areas of live-cell imaging and 3-dimensional cell biology were strongly represented across the vendor booths. These two areas are growing more quickly than other areas in the Cell Biology market and require some special attention when it comes to application requirements.  Despite a lot of "solutions" advertised at ASCB for these particular areas, not all of them hit the mark.  A company needs to have more than just an in-depth understanding of applications in order to deliver a successful solution. Price, instrument footprint, ease-of-use, software capabilities, modularity, adaptability... there are a host of other factors at play for researchers to consider. 

Some of the most enjoyable aspects of the ASCB show were the numerous conversations I had with existing BioTek customers who voiced how their particular instrument hit the mark for their specific cellular application.  This spanned from imaging to washing to plate reading.  This was a good reminder to me that any instrument is only as strong as the team behind it. 

Another item I thoroughly enjoyed while at ASCB was daydreaming.  Daydreaming?!?  That’s right - I began this blog mentioning how we are on the cusp of some amazing breakthroughs in the field of Cell Biology.  From growing organs for transplant patients to reducing animal testing using 3D cellular models for predicting drug toxicity, novel cellular research capabilities that were only dreamed of half a century ago, are now announced regularly.  The consortium of brainpower driving advancement in this field is staggering.  And contingent on those advancements are research instruments that deliver uncompromising performance, reliability and features.  That is where I had fun daydreaming.  As a Product Manager at BioTek, I can only imagine what innovative new products we will offer over this coming decade -  a decade where cellular research will redefine what is possible, not just in the lab, but all the way to the Clinic. BioTek will keep at the front of researcher's Cell Biology requirements, which will help us continue to launch innovative products such as Cytation 5. Products that will further enable advances in this field and allow performing research you never thought possible. As I stop to consider this, it makes me wonder - what customer stories will we hear at the ASCB show over the coming decade?  Here's an open invitation to stop by our booth at a future ASCB show to let us know how BioTek products have helped your cellular research!      

BioTek booth at ASCB

By: BioTek Instruments, Caleb Foster, Product Manager, Development

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