Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Restoration and Reliability

For the past 18 months I have been working on a restoration project stemming from the harsh winter treatment automobiles are subject to in New England. Long winter months and icy road conditions require the use of salt on the roadways often resulting in lethal (at least to the longevity of the auto) corrosive damage to vehicles. The project began as a fix to free a necessary suspension component to insure proper alignment of the tires after installation of new mud, and more importantly, snow tires. When the attempt to free the parts failed the entire rear suspension, including subframe, were removed from my 2004 Mitsubishi Montero for restoration. After months wrestling with large bolts, paint stripping, sanding, grinding and removal of some components with a torch, the parts are finally ready for the application of a new protective coating.

A thought occurred to me when considering what paint and application system to use: I need a good system that I only have to do once. In many ways this process is analogous to the preparation of a number of the experiments I have run over the years in the lab. First you prepare for the experiment by researching the system being studies, familiarize yourself with the components, prepare the necessary equipment and various other required materials, and finally run the experiment. Often this time and effort comes down to the final step in the process which in the case of restoration of auto parts is applying the protective coating to fend off corrosion, and in the case of a microplate based assay it is acquiring the assay readout on a reliable instrument. Having worked with BioTek instrumentation over the past 7+ years I can attest to the notion that I don't have to worry about the reader performing as anticipated at the end of a long day or week long preparation of an assay when it comes time to collect the data. BioTek offers a range of microplate instrumentation including plate washer, dispensers and readers that can greatly improve ease of workflow and throughput while providing reliable performance. I hope my Mitsu proves to be as reliable with comparable longevity!

By: BioTek Instruments, Peter J. Brescia Jr., MSc, MBA

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