Thursday, September 11, 2014

6 Signs You Were in College in the 1990’s

  1. You made transparencies for your class presentations. You can still remember it: the heat of the overhead projector light, the smell of the erasable markers, the taste of your fingertip as you try to quickly wipe away a mistake. At the time, this was advanced technology policed by the school’s A/V department. Nowadays, everyone can walk around with their own pocket-sized projector when a tablet screen just won't do.
  2. You had a small collection of floppy disks. Okay, maybe it was a large collection since those things couldn’t hold much data anyway. Now, we can transfer and store files up to 128 GB in a tiny thumbdrive, the size of, well, your thumb.
  3. The Discman served all of your portable music needs. It was the perfect device - unless you actually wanted to use it while moving. And if 3-second skip protection wasn’t enough, you were probably first in line when the first MP3 players came to market in the late 1990's which paved the way for, you know.
  4. Beep!Beep! Beep! Is that my pager going off? Oh, it's yours. All over college campuses, you didn't have to be prescribing drugs or dealing drugs to carry a pager. It was the easiest way for people to find you at ALL times. An omen of things to come...
  5. "You've got mail!" AOL gave us this iconic tagline, Instant Messenger and inspired a movie! It seemed like they could do no wrong, but now their popularity has faded away to the point where anyone younger than 20 may have to Google it.
  6. What has an eyepiece, a stage, a focus knob and objectives? That's right, a microscope. There’s no doubt that you used one in your college years and continue to use one today. Unlike the examples above, you may not see much of a difference in terms of outward appearance. But much like the examples above, technology has vastly improved. Just like your smartphone has apps for your everyday needs, the Cytation 3 has modules for your scientific needs - including imaging, in a single device. See it for yourself, don't get stuck in the 90's!

monochromator optics

By: BioTek Instruments, Ellaine Abueg Ph.D., Product Manager, Specialist

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