Thursday, August 14, 2014


On August 10, the world was dazzled by the second Supermoon of 2014. Millions of people around the world saw the spectacular moon, millions of photos were shared on social media and millions of people talked about the Supermoon over the water cooler, at the grocery store and at the gas station. Besides being one of the most amazing visual treats in the night sky, this Supermoon enticed people to sit and quietly behold it’s beauty…to stop our busy lives for a minute, an hour – just to look, wonder and imagine. Parents everywhere doubtless woke their children up from sound sleeps to bring them outside, to look up at the sky and share nature’s wonder as a family. The moon has always fascinated humankind…and the Supermoons serve to re-kindle our fascination with all things astronomical. Scientists now study celestial events with technologies that are, at the same time, remarkably unchanged from early science, but vastly improved over time; this is true of instruments used in many scientific fields. The images we've seen of the perigee moon (as it’s known to astronomists) over the past few days are just incredible and awe-inspiring. Here’s a beautifully detailed image, taken by our colleague, Caleb Foster:

Photo taken in Jericho, Vermont, with a Meade 2080B Schmidt Cassegrain 8” telescope and Nikon D800 camera. 
The next Supermoon is in September 2014…the world will be waiting and watching!

By: BioTek Instruments, Lenore Buehrer, Senior Product Marketing Manager

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