Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wanna share? No way, just get your own!

Sharing is a fundamental lesson taught during childhood. You had to share your toys, share your treats and, inadvertently, even share your germs. It’s not any different in adulthood either. At homes around the world, it has been a long-standing tradition, and some might even say crucial to human existence, to share our money by providing food, clothing and shelter to our family. It doesn’t stop there either - at work, we may be expected to share equipment. And I’m not talking about the ruler you keep lending out… I’m talking about the washers, readers and microscopes in the core lab. Let me remind you about what’s NOT fun about sharing here:

    lab door
  • You have to sign up ahead of time. The only opening is Thursday but your cells are going to be ready on Tuesday! And more bad news: the person who signed up for Tuesday wrote in pen.
  • Not everyone is as clean as you are. Biohazard signs are everywhere but someone snuck in a granola bar. Or you have to work with sticky surfaces. It could be Gatorade, or it could be something else. You’re better off not smelling it to make sure.
  • Who gets the blame? Hopefully, only the settings are wrong but most likely, it needs to be repaired. Either way, it definitely wasn't me.

I know, I know, sometimes you don’t have a choice but to share equipment. But sometimes you do have a choice and it’s always better to have your own. That’s when you call BioTek. 

Every scientist has a funny/scary/unbelievable story to share about core lab equipment. I've even heard it to be comparable to sharing a toothbrush. Amuse us by writing it in the comments below! 

By: BioTek Instruments, Ellaine Abueg Ph.D., Product Manager, Specialist

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