Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cytation 3 - The First Year

The Cytation™ 3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader was launched one year ago today, and what an exciting year it’s been! Cytation 3 has circled the globe and been challenged by many interesting samples, ranging from cells, tissues to even whole organisms.

BioTek understands the importance of the cell as the most basic unit of life and its place as a model system for life science research. Our microplate instruments reflect this importance by enabling cell-based assays from seeding microplates with cells, automating assay workflows and detecting assay readouts, either kinetically or as endpoints. But it was the advent of the Cytation 3 that brought together conventional PMT-based microplate reading with CCD-based automated digital microscopy that allow for the capture of rich phenotypic information and meaningful quantitative data from the same microplate well. Our customers have used this enabling capability in the fight against cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, stem cell biology and with 3D cell culture systems in an effort to replace the use of animal models in drug discovery.

The response we received this first year has been amazing! Cytation 3 won the SelectScience Scientists’ Choice Award for Best Drug Discovery Product, the Miptec New Product Innovation Award, and the Thermo Fisher Scientific Extraordinary New Product Line Award. Additionally, Cytation 3 is a finalist in the Edison Awards competition - winners will be announced April 30, 2014.

There are now numerous Cytation 3 instruments in over 30 countries... far exceeding BioTek's initial forecast...and the momentum continues to build. Cytation 3 is helping researchers across the globe to "Think Possible" in research applications from angiogenesis to zebrafish embryo development, and everything in between.

4X Zebrafish Embryo
4X Zebrafish Embryo

So as we celebrate Cytation 3's first anniversary, we wanted to thank all of our customers, employees, and supporters for making Cytation 3 a huge success. And just as Cytation 3 helps researchers to "Think Possible", we promise to continually "Think Possible" when it comes to developing new ways to increase and expand reading and imaging applications.

By: BioTek Instruments

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