Monday, February 3, 2014

What Would You Do With a Free Cytation 3?

There are a lot of ways that BioTek’s Cytation 3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader has already made a splash in the market. From awards, to price point, to applications to BioTek giving away a free one…. wait?!?! Giving away a free one, you say?!? That's right, you heard me correctly; BioTek is actually giving away a free Cytation 3 to one lucky winner. How is this possible? The short answer: because we "Think Possible". We're so excited at how Cytation 3 is revolutionizing research that we are holding a Think Possible Application Contest.

Think Possible

The contest requires entrants to describe an application that they think is possible for their specific research using the Cytation 3.  The theme of this contest is Cytation 3 turning improbable, even previously considered impossible applications into Possible, and we want to share the love.  Alas… the only eligibility exclusion for the contest - you cannot be a BioTek employee or distributor, so I’m out of luck (wiping away a tear from my cheek).  However, I still had plenty of fun imagining what Cytation 3 and I would accomplish together if I won.

When I first heard about this contest, I went home and began to dream of what unusual or even crazy applications I could do if I won my very own Cytation 3. As I sat on my couch, shortly, it hit me… this contest is a chance for one lucky scientist to make scientific history. I mean, how often do you as a scientist get the chance to go beyond the limited confines of your grants and budgets and dream of what you could accomplish if given the right resources? For FREE. Use your imagination. What would you do? Think of the fun you could have with the Cytation 3, the impact on your area of research, the new and innovative ideas you could turn into reality.  

Now it’s your turn. Here’s the challenge - what will you do if you win?  How will you think outside the box? How will you surmount the barriers you’ve encountered in your research? Take a few moments to enter the contest - let us know! We LOVE to hear your ideas, and we are looking forward to enabling one lucky scientist. It could be you. Because when you Think Possible, you will see the world in a whole new way!

By: BioTek Instruments, Caleb Foster, Product Manager, Development

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