Friday, May 24, 2013

Cytation3 Takes to The Road: Day 4

The last day of our first Cytation™3 roadshow! And a special thanks to our VP, Adam Alpert, who not only supported us throughout Cytation3's development, but also literally flew the plane during this trip so we didn’t have to worry about missed flights or luggage. A definite perk to being a BioTekker! Among other samples, we were able to work with some fragile nerve cells:

Synaptogenesis: We imaged neurons in the presence of a particular compound to see if the compound caused the cells to grow long branching extensions from the cell, called neurite outgrowth, to create synapses between neural cells. We were able to show that the drug did indeed have a positive effect.

On this day, and throughout the roadshow, one question we were consistently asked was: How complex is the software? Cell biology is complex enough without struggling with obtuse software , so our integrated Gen5™ Data Analysis Software, also used in our multi-mode microplate readers, was specifically designed to be intuitive and simple to operate. You can check out screenshots of Gen5’s simple interface, and the breadth of data it produces in these SKOV-3 multiplex assay and DAPI-stained cell analysis application notes. Don't be fooled by the simplicity though: Gen5 enables full control of Cytation3, allows the instrument to be operated as either a manual or fully automated microscope, acquires both PMT- and CCD-based data, executes data reduction and post-acquisition cellular analysis, and also exports the data in a variety of formats allowing for image processing by third party image analysis software.

One very cool feature exclusive to BioTek is Gen5's ability to hit pick wells - imaging only those wells that fall above or below a user-defined threshold. This significantly increases overall data and imaging speeds, while also decreasing the amount of image analysis and storage needed.

One month after introducing it to the world, Cytation 3's demand has not let up! It's been exhausting, but at the same time, exciting to show off Cytation 3's automated and multi-tasking abilities for performing cell-based assays and imaging. The experience is also a great opportunity to learn more about what cell-based applications researchers are working on, and how we can help.

We're scheduling even more roadshows across the U.S. and globally - if you'd like more information on Cytation3, or would like to schedule a demonstration in your lab, click here.

Cytation - red carpet

By: BioTek Instruments

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