Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Synergy NEO Plate Reader, the perfect companion to your ELx405 Plate Washer

If you are working in a high throughput, automated environment you are probably familiar with BioTek’s ELx405 Microplate Washer. The ELx405 is the workhorse of microplate washers, by far the most widely used in high throughput labs, because of its proven robustness and dependability. BioTek now offers a new microplate reader that is the perfect companion to the ELx405. The new Synergy NEO HTS Multi-Mode Microplate Reader has been developed, designed and is manufactured by the same people that deliver the rugged ELx405, 405 Touch and EL406 instruments you have learned to trust. After 10 years of developments of the Synergy range for life-science research labs, Synergy NEO is the first reader specifically designed for HTS by BioTek. If you like your 405 washer you will get the same experience from your NEO: an instrument designed to last and perform reliably 24/7, supported by a people exclusively focused on microplate instrumentation and run by a modern up-to-date software platform. Visit or contact your local representative for more information on the new Synergy NEO.
Synergy NEO

By, BioTek Instruments,  Xavier Amouretti, Manager Product Marketing

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