Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Service Team

Every 4 months (January, May and September) we gather our service teams together to review our operations to date, work on improvement projects together as well as learn about the next wave of products to be released. We try to have our January meeting somewhere besides Vermont because having our U.S. field service team travel up North can be challenging at times in the winter. Also, with our field service team spread around the country it can be as cost effective to have a meeting in a major metropolitan area. And let’s face it, they do a great job so why would we want to reward them with a deep freeze up north?

So this January, actually Jan 31 through February 2, we met our domestic field service team in New Orleans. The days were very busy with discussions about: our successful 2011 results; 2012 targets; and technical training with a deep focus on the new 405 Touch. While down in the Big Easy we were able to meet up with the BioTek regional sales team for a great dinner. It is hard to find a bad meal in New Orleans. One night we also caught a deal and watched a New Orleans Hornets game against the Phoenix Suns.

Service Team

Right now we have a team of service engineers getting ready to head over to Poland to provide two weeks of technical training to our European teams. The team will return and have just enough time to catch their breath before everyone comes back to Vermont for the second meeting of the year. This meeting will have the most technical content of any meeting to date considering the exciting releases BioTek has planned for 2012.

New Orleans

By, BioTek Instruments, Sean Jordan, Service Director

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