Monday, December 5, 2011

Cell-Friendly Microplate Instrumentation

With more and more assays running on live cells, new instruments have to be ever more cell-friendly. For example, BioTek's new Synergy H1 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader includes features such as gentle orbital shaking, a high-precision temperature control system or a high-definition area scanning feature to better accommodate cell-based assays. Shaking is important for cell-suspensions, where non-adherent cells need to be maintained in suspension during the length of the assay. Precise temperature control across the entire microplate prevents common edge effects and ensures proper growth and assay condition uniformity. And high-density area scans (up to 9,800 data points per well, see screen capture below) allow controlling signal uniformity during assay development. All other automated instruments are under pressure from the same assay trends: BioTek's washers have evolved to provide very gentle washing parameters to wash loosely adherent cell cultures. BioTek’s newest dispensers have been specifically designed to be used in laminar flow hoods to automatically seed microplates. BioTek’s team keeps the pulse on what is new in research labs and is focused on providing microplate instrumentation that fits your needs... and keeps your precious cells happy!

99x99 area scan
99x99 area scan of a well of a 24-well plate with cells labeled with Calcein

By, BioTek Instruments, Xavier Amouretti, Manager, Product Marketing

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