Thursday, August 25, 2011

We proudly present Gen5 2.0

It took a total of two years and a lot of work to finally release Gen5 2.0, BioTek’s latest microplate reader software. This new software version is the result of a fantastic collaboration between BioTek employees and Gen5 users. At BioTek, departments such as Marketing, Engineering, Technical Support, Service, Validation or Technical Publications were all involved from day 1. This internal cross-functional team allowed setting core requirements and principles very early in the development process, resulting in a rich feature set and efficient development and validation paths. Very early prototypes allowed us to distribute a Beta version almost year ago, to get direct feedback from everyday users. Their feedback was directly incorporated into the interface as development progressed.

We believe the result is an outstanding user interface, that combines ease-of-use and powerful functionality. Gen5 2.0 truly saves time by making the most common tasks surrounding microplate reading (i.e. data acquisition, data analysis, reporting/exporting) easier and fully automatable. Visit if you want to learn more!

By, BioTek Instruments, Xavier Amouretti, Product Manager

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