Friday, May 27, 2011

Annual Spring BioTek Domestic Service Meeting

Last week all members of BioTek’s domestic service team spent three days in Winooski to learn, share and improve various aspects of our business. About 40% of the team is stationed across the United States and it was great to have them back up in Vermont. We have some new employees and it was great for everyone to spend time together.


There were multiple training sessions on the latest product innovations soon to be released for customers, and the related service procedures. We shared ideas on how to further improve our processes so we can continue our world class customer service and support. The pending rain storms stayed away for our cookouts and luncheons with other departments.

And of course, we enjoyed quality time on the Church Street in Burlington. The most interactive evening was spent Tuesday night at Halverson’s Upstreet Café. While socializing and dining on the back patio, we enjoyed the entertainment of The Growlers. (Perhaps the Service Department’s new house band?) By the end of dinner we were joining the band with our favorite songs. We even had a cow bell!

The Growlers

Everyone is now back at work until we join up again for the annual Fall meeting. By that time we will have some new members of the team, more innovations to learn and more fun to share. Stay tuned for the further adventures of BioTek Service, both domestic and international.

By, BioTek Instruments, Sean Jordan, Service Director

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