Friday, April 22, 2011

Which Fuel to Add to the Fire?

Biofuel research and experimentation are rapidly expanding as the world's transportation needs grow.

Potential biofuel sources are astounding; ranging from algae to bacteria, various plants and grains and even chicken fat! Each source has advantages and disadvantages, some hotly debated, leading to proposed policies and practices.

Fossil fuels are also benefiting from research. Scientists are unlocking methods to provide cleaner burning, longer lasting, higher yielding fuels. Additionally, scientists, politicians and other passionate groups also endlessly debate fossil fuels versus other energy forms.

BioTek instruments are involved in both biological and inorganic fuel research, so there exists an interesting juxtaposition. From a scientific perspective, research and discovery are intriguing, no matter what subject. On the other hand, as consumers, we seek fuels that are both environmentally friendly and economically feasible.

So, which fuel source is best? A question even the world’s top experts can’t easily address right now, and there’s a good chance that one single source does not fit all requirements.

Are you involved in biofuel or fossil fuel research? Do you feel passionately about one versus another? Let us know!

By, BioTek Instruments

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