Monday, April 4, 2011

The Last SBS Show

The Society for Biomolecular Sciences (née Society for Biomolecular Screening) held its 17th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, FL March 27-31, 2011. This was the last SBS conference as the new Society of Lab Automation and Screening (SLAS) will combine both LabAutomation and SBS into one conference, SLAS2012, slated for San Diego, CA, February 4-8, 2012. This year the conference delegation (1,654) was down about 5% relative to last year in Pheonix. Opening keynote speaker, Bob Lefkowitz expanded on his seminal work in GPCR research over the last 40 years and discussed the potential for beta-arrestins as targets of intervention in disease. Similar to LabAutomation this year, it was a trick to get home in some cases. Instead of a mid-west blizzard to dodge, severe thunderstorms plagued Orlando airport and caused many delays to departing delegates.

SLAS2012 is pledged to unite the best of LabAutomation and SBS conferences to increase collaboration and prominence for the laboratory science and technology community. Little is known about the conference yet except that the scientific program will concern the following areas: Drug Target Biology, Assay Development and Screening, High Throughput Technologies, Micro/Nano Technology, Bioanalytical Techniques, Diagnostics, Informatics.

See you there ...

By, BioTek Instruments

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