Thursday, March 24, 2011

Applications Lab Welcomes New Intern

BioTek is excited to welcome intern Simone Rieger to our Applications Laboratory team. Simone comes to us from Wolfersdorf, Germany, and holds a Bachelors Degree in Biology from Ludwig-Maximillians-University in Munich, Germany. In addition to the large workload of practical science during her university studies, she also interned at Mikrogen Diagnostics, a BioTek Instruments customer, where she performed ELISAs. Simone is starting a Masters program in Molecular Biology in October of this year, with the goal of contributing to cancer research. Following a 4-week U.S. holiday tour with a friend, Simone arrived at BioTek in February, just in time to become fully indoctrinated into the Applications team during our Product Specialist training.

Simone awaiting her night ride on the zip line as part of the Product Specialist team building at Northern Lights Rock and Ice.
Simone has excellent English language skills, so there was no barrier in the way of the Applications Team putting her exemplary lab skills to work right away! This young woman is already a master pipettor, and this proved very useful during the manual optimization of the HDAC assay. Under the mentorship of Principal Scientist Brad Larson, the HDAC project will determine enzyme inhibitor activity with Simone’s goal being full automation of the assay using the Precision XS Liquid Handler and Synergy 4 reader. She is also growing MCF-7 cells to be used in a novel cell based ELISA assay from TGR Biosciences measuring phosphorylated and total AKT and p70. Working with Senior Scientist and Laboratory Manager Paul Held she will stably transfect bacterial and mammalian cells with a gene expressing GFP in order to determine, among other things, LOD in relation to GFP expressing cell number on Synergy 4. She has also been learning about the nuances of how filters, mirrors and customizable read and detection parameters are used to produce optimized data utilizing the Cisbio HTRF Reader Control Kit. Look for Simone as the star of a soon to be released BioTek MultiFlo promotional video - she is now already an expert at changing and cleaning cassettes.

It is not all work and no play for Simone, however. A Vermont tradition that some of us look forward to every year is the mild temperatures and great spring skiing conditions at the end of the season, so we hope to get Simone up to Stowe for some skiing this weekend. BioTek Principal Scientist Brad Larson and his family invited Simone to join them during the Vermont Maple Sugaring Open House last weekend at Shelburne Farms. This allowed Simone participation in two other quintessential spring rituals in Vermont, the birthing of the lambs and the running of the sap that produces our famous maple syrup. She had the thrill of actually witnessing the birth of one lamb.

Simone enjoying two Vermont spring traditions, maple sugaring and welcoming the new lambs.

BioTek Product Manager Lenore Buehrer and her family are hosting Simone during her 3 month stay in Vermont. Simone has particularly liked the home-stay part of her time here, and the experience has been a wonderful way for Simone to learn about everyday American customs and culture while making life long friends. Her broad scientific knowledge base, competence in laboratory techniques, professionalism and insatiable curiosity make working with Simone a pleasure for all of us. We hope you will join us in welcoming Simone to the BioTek family.

By, BioTek Instruments

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