Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Neuroscience 2010

BioTek exhibited at the 2010 Neuroscience meeting held in San Diego California in November. This meeting attracted a lot of attendees (27,000) and many exhibitors (4,500 exhibitor staff and others). The bulk of the exhibitors were involved in cell, tissue or full animal imaging, as well as motion sensors, remote sensors and reagents to study brain activity. The exhibition was a good opportunity for BioTek to showcase its range of microplate instrumentation, from absorbance, fluorescence and multimode microplate readers, to liquid handling solutions (washers, dispensers) for cell-based assays. With many researchers thinking about replacing some of their full-animal tests with cell-based assays, there was an interest in microplate instrumentation dedicated to measuring fluorescence signals from cell populations, as well as equipment to semi-automate the processes: dispenser to automatically and accurately dispense cells into microplates, as well as washers to gently remove and replace cell-culture media at regular intervals. Overall, a very impressive and exciting scientific meeting.

BioTek booth at Neuroscience 2010

By, BioTek Instruments, Xavier Amouretti, Product Manager

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