Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dragon Boat T-Shirt Designs Wanted!

For the 3rd year in a row, BioTekkers are participating in the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival on August 8, 2010 in Burlington, Vermont. This fund-raising event is hosted by Dragonheart Vermont, a breast cancer survivor Dragon Boat team. The festival will include 80 community dragon boat teams and 10 Breast Cancer Survivor teams competing in 300 meter sprint races on beautiful Lake Champlain. This year’s pledge partner is Camp-Ta-Kum-Ta, a Vermont camp for kids with cancer. BioTek is proud to be a “Green Dragon Sponsor” and a team of 20 BioTekkers are preparing to paddle their hearts out on race day for this great cause.

This year we thought we’d ask our customers, friends and followers to join in the cause by helping us to design the T-Shirt for our Dragon Boat team… the “Kickin’ Assays” (yeah… we want to win). If you’re creative and skilled in the arts… or just think you may be… send us your idea! The team will vote on the submissions and pick a winner. The winning design will be imprinted on the back of the shirts (color TBD) and will run about 10” x 10”.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Send your design to mktg@biotek.com with the subject line of “Dragon Boat T-Shirt Design”.
  • Please include the name of the team “Kickin’ Assays” on your design.
  • We prefer a TIF, PNG or JPG file, but a penned sketch on a cocktail napkin is fine too. (This is just for fun you know.)
  • Please keep attachments under 2 MB.
  • We’ll accept submissions until May 31, 2010.

A couple disclaimers:

  • Please do not use copyrighted images.
  • If your design is chosen, we reserve the right to alter it if necessary.

If we choose your design, we’ll send you one of the limited edition BioTek “Kickin’ Assays” T-Shirts…. and also brag about your awesome creativity to our social media friends and followers. Good luck! …. and thanks for helping us kick Cancer’s butt!

BioTek’s 2009 Dragon Boat Racing Team… the “Precision Paddlers”.

Racing! It wasn’t the most beautiful Vermont summer day last year… but the good news is this year can’t be worse!

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