Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pittsburg Conference Recap

The annual 2010 Pittsburg Conference was held at the Orange County Conference Center in Orlando, FL and boasted nearly 2000 booths with 6700 exhibitors serving the 8000 delegates registered, with more arriving in a continuous stream. As the focus of the conference is on analytical chemistry and applied spectroscopy the conference sponsors included major industry giants such as Agilent, Thermo, Jasco, PerkinElmer, Dionex and myriad others offering a large range of analytical equipment and OEM solutions. The large analytical instrumentation companies made their presence known with expansive booths launching new products with the latest advances in separation technologies feeding samples into high-end MS, AA, ICP-AES and every version of light spectroscopy instrumentation ranging from UV-Vis to NIR.

Waters introduced its latest separations technology launching the Acquity Ultra-high Performance LC system capable of performing separations via up to 8 column/matrices and 24 solvents! Agilent introduced the latest in triple quadrupole mass spectrometers while Shimadzu is in the process of launching a new product for purification and concentration via trapping in a “tunable” particle structure for analysis of dilute analyte as well as the latest in LC-MS instruments. Many of the technologies are focused on analysis with micro- to nanoliter volume samples. In many instances these volumes are pushing the envelope of detection limits forcing instrumentation to become ever more sensitive.

In addition to the exhibition floor, the conference consisted of invited symposia from founders and leaders in the fields of analytical chemistry and spectroscopy, contributed sessions, poster sessions, awards presentations, short courses, networking and technical programs. The technical programs covered a diverse range of focus areas such as Art/Archaeology, Bioanalytical, Drug Discovery, Fuels, Energy and Petrochemicals, Homeland Security/Forensics, Sensors/Integrated Sensor systems, and Spectroscopy with hundreds of presentations each day. BioTek presented a poster at the Sunday evening session titled: Correlation of Sample OD Measurements on a Multi-Volume (Micro) Plate.

This conference appeals to the R&D engineer and systems manufacturers as a large portion of the smaller exhibits showcased the latest in gratings, mirrors, fiber optics, power supplies, heating elements, ceramics, valves, electron generators, controllers, etc., etc. Additional exhibits included labware and analyzers of all fashions as well as pharmaceutical equipment spanning from R&D to production/QC to packaging. Certainly the conference is a spectacle to be seen and excellent resource for information for anyone working in a scientific discipline.

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