Monday, February 8, 2010

LabAutomation 2010 Recap

LabAutomation 2010 was another engaging conference and exhibition held in the Californian desert at Palm Springs. Over 4100 delegates and 226 exhibitors participated over five days at the end of January. The conference had something for everyone as their were five concurrent tracks held throughout the scientific program offering symposia topics such as Multiplexed Microfluidic Systems, Biofuels, Process Analytical Technology and Point of Service Assays, among others.

R. Graham Cooks gave a stimulating opening plenary session tracking the evolution of mass spectrometry focusing on the 100 years of development of ion sources and mass analyzers culminating in his vision of portable mass spectrometers. Kei Koizumi gave an overview of OSTP and hinted at levels of Federal R&D investment in the years to come. Hod Lipson gave an very entertaining lecture about taking the grunt out of science by sifting through data and looking for the laws that govern how something behaves. He described how his software tool Eureqa can examine experimental data and derive the simplest mathematical formula to describe the behavior. Finally, the conference was closed out in an unconventional manner by Bruce Sterling, a science fiction novelist and co-founder of the cyberpunk movement in that genre, where he provided a glimpse into the future, as he sees it.

If you haven't considered attending LabAutomation, we fully recommend it!

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