Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Federal Research and Development Investments by the Obama Administration

Kei Koizumi opened the second day of LabAutomation 2010 with a lecture concerning the role the Obama Administration has played in increased R&D funding in 2009 and plans for both 2010 and beyond. Koizumi is the Assistant Director for Federal R&D of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). He detailed the Recovery Act of 2009 which provided an additional $10.4B for NIH-based funding. As of today, approximately $6B of these monies has been awarded and efforts are accelerating to distribute the remaining funds as soon as possible.

Koizumi indicated that through 2016, the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy and National Institute of Standards and Technology will see their annual budgets doubled. The premise behind this is to foster basic science. NIH funding will remain essentially flat at about $30B annually, where it has been since 2003. Koizumi indicated that the new Director of NIH, Francis Collins has defined specific investment areas to be pursued in 2010 and beyond. They include:
  1. Genomics and high throughput technologies for disease research
  2. Translation of basic research into treatments, especially for diseases with limited market potential
  3. Science for health care reform
  4. Global health initiatives
  5. Reinvigorating health care
Some of these future developments will be touched on during the President’s State of the Union Address tomorrow where Koizumi specified that Obama will reiterate his belief in and support for Federal R&D investment. We will also wait with anticipation for the initial announcement for the 2011 Federal R&D budget this coming Monday
Do you agree with where the R&D investments are being made?

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