Sunday, October 11, 2009

Planet xMAP Europe 2009 Recap

"Beads can save lives." That was one of the principle messages evident at Planet xMAP Europe 2009. It was a dichotomous message referring to both the theme partner, BeadforLife and the Luminex xMAP microsphere beads. BeadforLife is an NGO that enables Ugandan women to generate cash for the bead jewelry they make from recycled paper. It helps Ugandan women afford shelter, food and the basic needs of life. The other side of the coin is the xMAP technology from Luminex and the multiplexed assays covering diverse applications across life sciences research and clinical diagnostics.

An example of xMAP technology helping to save lives was described at Planet xMAP by Dr. Christine Ginocchio, Senior Director of the Division of Microbiology at the North Shore-LIJ Health System Laboratories. The xTAG Respiratory Virus Panel (RVP) from Luminex was used to genotype influenza during a recent outbreak of swine flu (H1N1) in the Long Island, NY region. Ginocchio described that "in eight weeks time, our lab had to run almost 35,000 tests for influenza, covering 14,000 patients. Thanks to RVP, we were able to do very sensitive molecular testing ... and could tell the actual magnitude of the outbreak."

BioTek plans to assists these laboratories with their sample throughput needs with the automation of xMAP assays, using either polystyrene or magnetic microsphere beads, with our product line of microplate washers. At Planet xMAP we described in a poster the automation of the wash steps for both gene expression and protein-based multiplexed xMAP assays using the full plate washer ELx405. Over the next months we will provide new products based on the ELx50 (strip washer).

What are your throughput needs using the xMAP technology? Do you use polystyrene or magnetic microspheres?

By: BioTek Instruments

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