Thursday, September 3, 2009

BioTek and the Clinical ELISA Market

Commercial ELISA assay kits represent approximately 15-20% of component microplate instrumentation usage. Of the thousands of combined units sold of the ELx800 and ELx50 over the last 10-14 years 80-90% are used to run clinical or other ELISAs. During this time period BioTek has had collaborations with well over 80 ELISA assay kit providers worldwide that has resulted in the programming of over 1500 assays working successfully on our ELx800, ELx808, ELx50, and ELx405 products.

BioTek’s unique success in the OEM clinical ELISA market specifically has largely been due to our ability to offer individually customized assay performance criteria within a database that is downloaded as an overlay to our onboard software platform. This format offers a fully integrated piece of software on a standalone component instrument that allows easy field upgrades as assays are added or deleted over time. Most custom databases also offer open assay slots so that end users have the flexibility to program in other assays in addition to the customized ones. Some preprogrammed assays also allow some end user flexibility to edit open parameters onboard the instrument to customize the assay even further.

We are looking forward to watching how Gen5CL grows and positions itself in the commercial ELISA market, specifically the clinical ELISA marketplace. Early indications show that the ability to communicate with LIS systems and run customized databases from more than one kit manufacturer through a single product are just two of the value added advantages to this product.

By: BioTek Instruments

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