Monday, July 20, 2009

BioTek’s Gen5™ Software Offers Expanded Panel Assay Application Capabilities

Panel Assays are routinely used in diagnostic screening to test a single sample for multiple results. Although often related by applications such as drug or infectious disease screening, panel assays can also be utilized to optimize small workflow runs of completely unrelated assays. This later format can be particularly useful in laboratories that are more research driven.

The Panel Assay feature available in BioTek’s Gen5 software family can be used to define a group of up to 8 individual protocols on a single micro plate. Each protocol is individually interpreted, but samples can be grouped to display a result for each protocol. Because Gen5 is able to communicate with all BioTek readers, panels can be defined for luminescence, fluorescence, and fluorescence polarization applications in addition to the more traditional absorbance applications. This allows virtually unlimited flexibility in customizing a panel for even the most esoteric of applications.

Within Gen5 a panel is defined beginning from the Main Menu using the File/New Panel command. A wizard type prompting sequence takes the end user through all required steps of creating the panel. At runtime, tabs are available to access each of the protocols by name allowing definition of the number of samples and any other parameters unique to the protocol before the plate is read. At the end of the plate read the data is displayed according to how the samples were chosen to be categorized for the panel. The examples below illustrate results for hypothetical drug screening panels. The matrix of the plate shows how the protocols are mapped, and how samples are reported for protocol individually. The other report shows how sample results can be categorized to group results of the sample for all protocols on the panel.

The matrixreport

By: BioTek Instruments


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